Reset BioSig-ID Password

Reset BioSig-ID Password

You may need to reset your BioSig-ID™ password. Perhaps you have forgotten your new password or cannot easily repeat the password you created.

Watch the instruction video or follow the step-by-instructions below.

Step-by-step instructions.

We use a self-service password reset. The goal is to create a password that can be easily repeated and remembered. Have fun and try different passwords.

Option 1

  • After failing to recreate your BioSig-ID password three times, you will be prompted to enter your Click-ID password.
  • Simply click on your Click-ID password and click validate.
  • Once validated the user is now allowed to enroll a new BioSig-ID password.
  • Your password has to be drawn three times in order to accurately record the user’s gestures.
  • One last step, you need to validate your new password.

Option 2

If you cannot recall or repeat your Click-ID password three times. You will be prompted with a new Step-By-Step Guide message:
  • Click on @email --keeping the BioSig-ID window open, go check your email.
  • A token will be sent to the email address on file.
  • Click on the link "Click here to reset your password"
    • or click on the link provide and copy the entire token into the authentication box on the BioSig-ID page
  • You will then be prompted to enroll a new BioSig-ID password.
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